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Social Platform

Orange Social Platform provides means of promoting to use orange in data mining and repetitive work in everyday lives. To conquer this mission, Orange Social Platform should have services for developing Orange Widget, Schema, Experiments and their Usage. Every services should be easy to use and have much explanation part for the beginners.

Social Platform for Orange will be the social society for Orange user. Users could not only learn from the platform but also express their opinions and preferences. Their should be export to other social services like blogs or twitters for the events, contents in the platform.


  • Widget programming on browser.
  • Widget sharing(Code Browse, Usage, QnA, Used Schema and Experiments).
  • Schema sharing made from Orange(Schema Browsing, Usage, QnA, Associated Widget, Experiments).
  • Experiments(schema and used data set) sharing made from Orange.(Experiments Schema, Data Reports, QnA, Associated Widget, Schema).
  • Means of communicate with existing social platform(Twitter, Facebook).
  • Basic Tutorials for Orange(Embedded Video).


To fulfill the objectives, we divide them into Sections.

Widget Sharing

Schema Sharing

Experiments Sharing

Possible Sections

  • Orange Data Mining Game
  • Orange Data Mining Competitions
  • Orange Tutorials

Behind the Scenes

  • Django 1.3
  • Google App Engine