This page contains nightly builds of Orange 2.7 from the code repository. These are typically stable and we recommend using them.

Orange 3.0 is in early stages of development. Those interested can find it on GitHub.


Mac OS X

  • Bundle: Orange Snapshot
    This is an universal bundle with everything packed in and ready for an unadvanced user.
  • easy_install/pip:
    Orange is available as a PyPi package. To install run
    easy_install numpy && easy_install orange

Building from source (other platforms)

To build and install Orange you can use the in the root orange directory or pip (both require GCC, Python and numpy development headers). See INSTALL.txt for instructions.

C4.5 files

We have no rights to distribute the original C4.5 in any form, but we can provide assistance for building an Orange plug-in from the sources you download yourself from the Ross Quinlan's site. The files required for compiling C4.5 are here and instructions here.